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Peer-led Support Groups

Connect, Share, Learn, Support

The Epilepsy Smart Australia Peer-led Support Groups connect the epilepsy community.

It provides safe, welcoming and inclusive spaces for people to connect with peers who are experiencing similar challenges, and opportunities, throughout their journey with epilepsy.

Our support groups are given access to reliable and trustworthy knowledge, information, resources and education while also being part of group discussions with people who share common interests and experiences.

Groups are self-directed by the participants to ensure the needs of the members are being met. Options to engage in groups include, online virtual meetups, chat groups or face to face groups (pending demand).

What groups are available to join?

Participants can be linked to peer-led support activities based on their demographic, interest, need and group availability.

Some of the groups available include:

  • Men living with epilepsy
  • Women living with epilepsy
  • Adults living with epilepsy
  • Youth (13-17 years) living with epilepsy
  • ACT adults living with epilepsy
  • ACT parents of children living with epilepsy
  • Parents of children with rare and genetic epilepsy
  • Brisbane young adults living with epilepsy
  • Parents, carers and partners of people living with epilepsy
  • Parents of children with a new diagnosis of epilepsy
  • Young adults (18-26 years) living with epilepsy
  • Epilepsy in the later years
  • Other groups are created based on demand

If you are unsure of which group would best suit you, please register your interest with the National Epilepsy Support Service on 1300 761 487 or support@epilepsysmart.org.au for further assistance.

Who facilitates the groups?

Each group will have a volunteer peer-led support facilitator, who has a lived experience of epilepsy; and who will be responsible for planning, organising and facilitating peer-led activities within groups. Their role is to continuously monitor, moderate and model positive group interactions, to ensure all participants feel safe, heard, understood and included.

What will I get out of being involved in peer support?

Peer-led support is a free service, designed to be empowering and inclusive. As the name suggests, the participants, or peers, lead the conversation.

You will be welcomed into a neutral, friendly, supportive and non-judgmental community.

Please note, the Peer-led Support program is not a counselling service, and does not provide medical advice or crisis support.

If you would like to participate in the Epilepsy Smart Australia peer-led support groups, please contact the National Epilepsy Support Service on 1300 761 487 or email support@epilepsysmart.org.au


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