Organisational Enrolment – Epilepsy: An Introduction to Understanding and Managing Epilepsy


No matter what industry you operate in if your staff have a duty of care or responsibility for a person living with epilepsy then this introduction eLearning module will enable your staff to develop the skills and knowledge required to provide appropriate supports in the workplace, while also developing a better understanding of the impacts of living with epilepsy on the individual.

Where the individual living with epilepsy has been prescribed emergency medication your staff will also require training in the administration of emergency medication.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN ENROLMENT PROCESS, PLEASE NOTE: An organisational enrolment entitles you to register a maximum of 30 staff members. Follow these four steps to enrol up to 30 staff in this course:

Step 1: Choose enrolment numbers using the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons to select the number of staff in your organisation to be enrolled in this course.

Step 2: If you (the person completing this organisational enrolment) are not participating in the course untick Enrol Me

Step 3: Click on Add to Cart to enrol yourself (if you are participating) and/or your staff  into the course.

NOTE: An organisational enrolment entitles you to register a maximum of 30 individual staff members. Enrolling more than 30 staff will incur additional charges automatically added at checkout.

Step 4: Click on Checkout and complete the enrolment process.

At conclusion of the enrolment process, each individually enrolled staff member will receive a link via email. Staff enrolled in the course must commence training within 30 days of enrolment.

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This one hour eLearning module will provide participants with the basic skills and knowledge required to support an individual living with epilepsy.

Topics Covered:

  1. Facts about epilepsy
  2. Seizure types  and what seizure activity may look like
  3. Epilepsy Management Planning process, the Epilepsy Management Plan (EMP) and the Emergency Medication Management Plan (EMMP)
  4. Basic first aid response for seizures
  5. The potential impacts of epilepsy on the life of the individual


Who should do this course?

Anyone who has a ‘duty of care’ responsibility for a person living with epilepsy.

Anyone wanting to improve their awareness and understanding of epilepsy and its impact on the individual.

You and Your

Health and
Direct Care

Education and

Employers and


Time and Assessment:

This eLearning module will take approximately one hour to complete and includes 15 questions to check participants understanding as they progress.

Participants will be asked to complete a pre-course self- assessment of their understanding of epilepsy and a post course evaluation and self-assessment.

A Certificate of Completion can be generated on completion of all tasks.


More information or offline resources:

Maximum of 30 staff enrolment per course, for enrolments above this please contact us to discuss bulk rates.

This course is available offline, please contact us to discuss options.


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