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Epilepsy Smart Schools

Resources and classroom activities

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Epilepsy Smart Schools program has a range of resources that teachers, parents and students can use to better educate yourself or others about epilepsy.
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Teachers and parents can use documents, such as the learning plan and transition checklist, to assist a student with epilepsy to have the best possible learning experience.

The fact sheets below provide information on the different effects that epilepsy can have on a child and indicators to look for. They also provide practical strategies to help teachers ensure that individual learning styles are considered.

Fact sheets

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Video - epilepsy explained

This video outlines what children and adults can do to help their friend or friends who live with epilepsy.

Classroom activities

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A simple diagram showing parts of the brain

Build your brain

This is a great practical tool for teachers to raise awareness about the brain with students and the effects of epilepsy. Tested on 8 year olds but please tailor to the class level.

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A cartoon style image of colourful neurons

Cheeky neurons

The Cheeky Neurons partner with Epilepsy Australia to spread awareness and encourage open conversations about the brain and epilepsy. Plus, they are a whole lot of CHEEKY fun!

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A group of young school children on the floor, drawing

Classroom activity – Prep to upper primary

This exercise uses story telling and drawing to teach students about epilepsy and how it might affect someone they know.

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School children in uniform watch the teacher attentively

Classroom activity – Mid to upper primary

Using both video and worksheets, this activity is designed to generate class discussion and break down stigma around epilepsy.

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High school students collaborate in the classroom

Classroom activity – Upper primary to secondary

This activity has word search exercises combined with links to materials that explain what seizures are and how they occur.

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Epilepsy Smart Australia, including the Epilepsy Smart Schools program, is a collaborative partnership between epilepsy service providers across Australia:
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The Epilepsy Smart Australia program received funding from the Australian Government.